WorryFree DME

Worry Free DME

WorryFree DME makes participation in the therapeutic shoe program as easy as a day at the beach!

Medicare's Diabetic Therapeutic Shoe Program saves limbs and lives every day. Unfortunately, the Program's confusing and ponderous reimbursement requirements - along with the constant threat of audits - can drive practitioners away from participating. As a result, countless patients are left unaware of an essential treatment protocol while their practitioners forego a lucrative revenue stream.

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Central Casting

Central Casting

No investment in equipment. No investment in inventory. No investment in marketing.

Central Casting is an in-office service administered by OHI's staff of Certified Pedorthists (CPeds). Patients who present with conditions that would benefit from an AFO, footwear or custom orthotics are scheduled for the day that the Clinician will be on site. Patients are seen twice: first to be casted and then to receive their devices or shoes from the CPed. All precertification and submissions are done by the host office and, as such, all revenue and profit is retained by the practice.

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