If you are seeing a message that says please connect the sensor or are stuck in the initializing mode, your iPad is not recognizing your scanner.

There may be several causes for this:

  • Your firmware is not up to date.
  • Your sensor may need to charge.
  • You may have a cable issue.

The following step may help to resolve the issue:

  • The first step in the troubleshooting process is always a hard restart of your iOS device. iOS needs a hard restart to be able to recognize the application properly again. Instructions to restart your device: Restart your iOS device.
  • The best practice for initializing your sensor is to launch your app first with the sensor disconnected. When prompted, connect your sensor. Initialization may take up to five seconds.

Your firmware is not up to date.

  • With the release of firmware version 1.2 and SDK 1.2, virtually all cable connectivity issues were solved.
  • To make sure your firmware is up to date, please check out this article: Firmware updating

or follow the below steps.

To ensure your best possible experience, we suggest updating your firmware upon receiving your sensor. To make sure your firmware is up to date, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Structure app from the App Store.
  2. Disconnect your sensor and launch Structure with the sensor disconnected.
  3. Connect your sensor when prompted.
  4. Wait. Sensor initialization can take 5 seconds or so.

    OHI1Scan sensor initialization

  5. Once initialized, tap the "i" icon in the upper right corner.

    OHI1Scan update

  6. If your sensor has a firmware update available, you will see this blue button (Note: if you are doing this on an iPhone, you may need to scroll down to see the button).

    OHI1Scan about sensor

  7. Tap the blue banner to begin the firmware update process.

    OHI1Scan upgrade

Please note, you will need to update your firmware quickly, as the longer the sensor is running, the more memory it will consume. If your sensor runs out of memory, you will need to unplug the sensor to clear the memory and try again.

Once your sensor is updated, it will reboot, and you will be on the latest available firmware. 

Your sensor may need to charge.

Your sensor may have initialization trouble if the battery is too low. Please make sure to fully charge your sensor before use. 

You may have a cable issue.

Interference/debris on the connectors can cause the cable to appear not to work.  

  • Check the charging port at the bottom of your iOS device for damage and/or debris.
  • Check the Lightning/USB-C Connector Cable ends for any foreign substances, and clean both ends of the cable with rubbing alcohol.
  • If you have tried everything else and it still seems as though your sensor will not initialize no matter what, the cable may be broken.


If you need scanner support do not hesitate to reach out:
Call us at 1-800-551-3008 option 3 or email us at


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