Depending on the model of your structure sensor you may experience different use times. Both the Mark II and Mark Pro models have smaller batteries than the original Mark I model. Because of this, some customers have experienced shorter use times. For some older scanners, some may find that the scanner doesn't hold a charge at all. Here are some steps you can take to help with battery issues.

  1. Be sure to unplug the scanner from the iPad while it is not in use. The scanner will continue to drain power while plugged into the iPad.
  2. Keep the scanner on its charger while not in use.

What is the battery life of Structure Sensor Pro?

Structure Sensor Pro runs for approximately 60 minutes when actively scanning.

How long does it take to charge Structure Sensor Pro and (Mark II)?

Structure Sensor (Mark II) and Structure Sensor Pro will normally take ~30 - 60 minutes to charge depending on the type of charger that you use with the USB charging cable.

     1.5A @ 5V = ~30 minutes (from a <5% charge state)

     0.9A/7.5W @ 5V = ~60 minutes (from <5% charge state)

     0.9A can usually be expected from most computers. 1.5A can be expected from most USB wall chargers.

How can you preserve the battery life of Structure Sensor Pro?

Quite a few things can affect battery life, including frequency of use, discharge cycles, and extreme temperatures.

Please ensure your battery maintains a minimal charge instead of depleting it entirely.

  • The ideal time to recharge the battery is when it reaches 25% remaining.
  • It is suggested to unplug the sensor once it is completely charged.
  • Store the sensor at room temperature.
  • Do not leave it in a freezing car overnight or in the hot sun during the day).


If you need scanner support do not hesitate to reach out:
Call us at 1-800-551-3008 option 3 or email us at


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