What is 'tracking'?

Tracking is the sensor's ability to maintain its understanding of its position in space, in relation to the scanned subject.

The error 'Tracking Lost' means the sensor does not understand its position and cannot understand where it or the object is. To troubleshoot this error:

  1. Check your Sensors' Glass Plate. Make sure you have removed any protective plastic films. Clean the glass and keep the glass free of oil and smudges.
  2. Check Structure Sensor firmware for any updates.
    Sensor Firmware Update Check
  3. Check IOS firmware.
    Settings (on the ipad) > General > Software Update
  4. Do a Depth Coverage from the structure app.
    The image below shows an example of good depth coverage. This is when solid colorization happens across the whole screen.

    OHI1Scan Depth Coverage

  5. Perform a Stereo calibration using the indoor printed target.
  6. Open Fusiform cast app and start scanning with the iPad facing the object and moving slowly and gradually to capture a proper scan. Not tilting the ipad as much as possible is very important.

For additional information on steps 4-5 please refer to the Calibration.docx


If you need scanner support do not hesitate to reach out:
Call us at 1-800-551-3008 option 3 or email us at


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