It is important to calibrate the structure sensor so it can give the best performance in capturing accurate measurements. Calibrations are required regularly, depending on usage could be weekly or monthly.

A poorly calibrated structure sensor can lead to:

  • Freezing of the image when trying to scan
  • Unexpected shutdown of the Fusiform App
  • Spinning, rotating, or bouncing box during scans
  • Not getting a "red blanket" on surface of the object you want to scan

There is a two-step process to calibrate your scanner: Stereo Calibration and Depth Calibration

Prior to beginning the process, make sure your structure sensor is fully charged and that the Structure Sensor Calibrator' app is installed on your ipad.

Steps to installing the Structure Sensor Calibrator app:

      > Open the App Store

      > Search Structure Sensor Calibrator

      > Select 'Get' beside the application

For additional information on the Calibrator app go to (

Stereo Calibration

This calibration will make sure that the images from both cameras, the iPad and the Infrared image from the sensor are perfectly aligned, and overlayed one over the other.

  1. Print the Indoor Calibration target and stick it on a wall.
    Indoor Calibration target: IndoorCalibrationTarget2.pdf
  2. Open the Calibrator App.
  3. Click on the 'Standard Calibration' button. Click on 'Begin Calibration'. Enable Indoor Mode.
  4. Point the scanner to the target on the wall until you see two images of the target on your screen. Disregard the instruction concerning the surroundings and click on 'Got it'.
  5. The scanner will take a couple of pictures with blue dots all over them. Hold still during this process. You are done!
Depth Calibration

When you start a scan and you don't have a solid red pattern over the body part you are aiming to scan, when you have a broken pattern with holes or only a few red dots or if the scan box is unstable, you need to do a depth calibration.

OHI1Scan Depth Calibration

To perform this, please watch the video here: How to Perform a Depth Calibration with Calibrator App - YouTube


If you need scanner support do not hesitate to reach out:
Call us at 1-800-551-3008 option 3 or email us at


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