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Partner with Apex to help your at-risk Diabetic patients take preventative measures to help reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 and to promote overall health and wellness.

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5 Steps to help your Pharmacy connect with your Diabetic Patients

Tips to help ensure your customers are taking advantage of the various programs available to them.

Step 1:

Talk with your diabetic patients about the preventative measures they are currently taking to ensure they are taking proper care of their feet and limbs. Ask them if they are receiving their yearly prescription of shoes and 3 pairs of custom inserts this year. (If not, encourage them to ask their doctor for a prescription during their next routine visit and bring the script back to you to fill.)

Step 2:

Ask your diabetic patients if they are going barefoot around the house. Encourage them to purchase a supportive slipper or wear proper shoes and orthotic inserts even inside the home.

Step 3:

Take advantage of our web-based training programs. Partnering with Apex you can access OHI University which was developed by a team of professionals at OHI to deliver educational webinars directly to you and your staff. We also offer an online Shoe Fitter Certification.

Step 4:

Help your patients ensure they are getting their benefits from Medicare with our Apex Medicare Compliance Documentation Packets. We have all the information and documentation you need to properly submit your claims and get them approved.

Step 5:

Help patients through monitoring and maintenance. Partner with your diabetic patients and work with them to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, to manage their prescriptions, and to utilize preventative tools and resources. Partner with Apex and we will work with you to connect with your diabetic patients by providing marketing resources such as in-store pharmacy signage kits (completely free), shoe display programs, and an online digital resource library. Thus, accessing an extensive library of marketing brochures, catalogs, quick reference guides, etc. to support your marketing needs.

These steps will help your pharmacy help your patients take steps to boost their health and promote wellness.