Gait Mechanics: Putting A Spring in Your Step

Friday, July 17th, 12:00PM EST

In this 1 hour webinar, Dr. Christopher Neville, PHD, PT, will review normal foot and ankle function during gait. An emphasis on kinetic data will help to elucidate the power used by the foot and ankle. Changes in motion and muscle control will be reviewed including the impact on age and AFO wear. Join us to learn more!
Athletic Footwear: Part 1

Friday, July 24th, 12:00PM EST

In this 1 hour webinar, Dr. Kim Ross DC, PhD will look at the history of the how the modern day running shoe evolved. Then the running shoe will be de-constructed into it's parts (upper, heel counter, midsole, outsole) and the significance of each part will be discussed. The features that are designed to reduce overpronation will also be discussed.
Athletic Footwear: Part 2

Friday, July 31st, 2:00PM EST

In this 1 hour webinar, Dr Kim Ross DC, PhD and Dr. Alan Lustig, DPM will team up to close the books on the topic of athletic footwear. Dr. Ross will complete his section covering topics such as rockers, gel/air padding, Trail shoes, Court shoes and special lacing techniques. Then Dr. Lustig will share with you his footwear experience going back to the early 1970's as he re-lives what most can only read about. Dr. Lustig has been producing a recommended shoe list for decades, and this list was generated from researching lab tests and personally testing the footwear himself. He will also bring you up to date on what is available in 2020, and how to make logical decisions in this ever-evolving technology.
Custom Orthotic Therapy: Additions and Modifications

Friday, August 7th, 2:00PM EST

In this 1 hour webinar, Dr. Alan Lustig, DPM will cover in detail all the available orthotic manufacturing additions and modifications. He will present the most popular items that he uses in his Orthotic practice. Then, he will cover when and when NOT to use these items, and how to properly order them.
Advanced Custom Orthotic Therapy

Friday, August 14th, 2:00PM EST

In this 1-hour webinar, Dr. Alan Lustig, DPM will cover more advanced Custom foot Orthotic treatment options. Other topics to be covered:

  • In office practical foot evaluations of the most common biomechanical pathological foot types
  • The most current absolute best recommended running and walking athletic shoes
  • The unique orthotic models for elite sport participants

Make sure to join us for this in-depth look at custom orthotic therapy!